Jezweb Remote Support

Providing website, email and hosting support for businesses who appreciate friendly service, helpful advice and non-technical assistance. We promise never to make you feel silly or try to trick you with clever jargon and nerdy tech terms. We’ll just say things in plain english so that you know what it means.

Jezweb Remote Support (JRS) is normally available to all existing Jezweb hosting and support clients. If you do not have an existing maintenance and support plan please discuss with us so that we can assist.

WordPress Support

Have you got a WordPress website and you would like help updating it?

Perhaps your current hosting provider or designer is not really doing what you thought they would now that the site is online. Whatever the case we can help you with remote support or in person so that you can get on track with your website updates, security patches, improvements and additions.

Email Support

Email is great when it works and a pain when it doesn’t.

You want it to work all the time right? Let’s get your email settings exactly right, and if necessary we can help you transition to a new provider. If you’re having any kind of email errors, outages, bounces, spam blocks or issues that are bugging you then get in touch and lets get it sorted out.

Ecommerce Support

Whether you are deeply into WooCommerce or getting used to Shopify we can help you learn how to get it humming for your online business.

Ecommerce is not always super simple when you have to decide on shipping charges, taxation settings, product descriptions, image sizes, category names and optimisation of everything. We can help get you on track.

Remote Support

Get in touch. We can provide remote support for most website, email, hosting and related issues. If you need ongoing assistance and advice we can put in a customer care plan to ensure you don’t get any surprise invoices.

Call us on 02 4951 5267 or email

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